L&M Dance Studio

L&M Dance Studio:

Established in 2016, L&M is the first genuine Chinese dance studio founded in Chinatown, Philadelphia by M.F.A. students from Temple University's Boyer College of Music and Dance. L&M is focused on providing quality dance education as well as promoting dance culture in hopes of enriching the lives of those in the surrounding community. L&M offers both adult and youth classes in styles ranging from professional to pop dance. They are committed to providing a quality experience that will allow you to fully enjoy what dance has to offer.

L&M 舞蹈工作室:

创建于2016年,费城第一家也是唯一家专业华人舞蹈艺术培训基地。 L&M舞蹈工作室由天普大学舞蹈硕士艺术家们共同组成,以传播舞蹈文化为初衷,尽心打造培养费城华人艺术氛围,让舞蹈从此进入费城华人生活,提升艺术涵养,提升生活品质。 L&M舞蹈工作室划分为成人舞蹈与少儿舞蹈两块,舞种划分为专业舞种与流行舞种两大领域。而我们,将以最适合的课程设置让您享受舞蹈艺术带给您的精神快乐。

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